Smashwords and the Impossibility of Good Grammar

So forgive me, I’m whiney about good grammar and excellent spelling.

Blame it on my Grandma. She was an English and remedial reading teacher devoted to the methods of Rudolph Flesh (Why Johnny Can’t Read). By the time I was eight, we were not only reading Shakespeare (Midsummer Night’s Dream) together, but I was working as her trainee teacher in helping folks to learn to read.

So it seems simple to me. As a writer, it’s important to me to master my craft. That means my spelling should be impeccable (and with Spell Czech, why should that be a problem?) and my grammar should be as well.

I should know the difference between passed and past. They’re and there and their should be automatic. And they are.

So it drives me absolutely batwhack crazy when I can get these things right, and many of my fellow Smashwords authors can’t.

Why does this make me nuts? Because as a Smashwords author, I’m judged by all other Smashwords authors. Because the majority can’t seem to be bothered with such things as spelling and grammar, it makes every one of us look bad.

Ladies and gentlemen, I understand if you haven’t had the training I have and sheerly stink at spelling and grammar. Please, if that’s a problem for you, respect our craft. Hire me or another writer to clean up your act and make all of us look good.


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